Sex Cowboys (2016)

Marla and Simone are madly in love and have a very passionate relationship. They are also struggling to get by and are unable to pay the rent. In desperation they decide to make porn videos. Sex cowboys is a travel inside our generation, the lost generation, destined to live without a permanent employment, a fixed home and a defined lifestyle. The characters of this travel are nomadic, precarious e immature in the comedy of their life: to Simone’s anger and to Marla’s magic need, alternates passion and sex. The generational crisis is inside us, and we have to find a way to survive and make the present our dream, since in our future we won’t have space.

Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Directed by
Adriano Giotti Writing Credits
Adriano Giotti Cast (in credits order)
Nataly Beck’S Nataly Beck’S … Marla
Francesco Maccarinelli Francesco Maccarinelli … Simone
Francesca Renzi Francesca Renzi … Lara
Federico Rosati Federico Rosati … Bidini / Simone’s frriend
Vito Napolitano Vito Napolitano … Giancarlo / landlord
Luca Buongiorno Luca Buongiorno … Cliente


Softcore Erotic Movies (Vintage | Retro | Classic)

Sex Cowboys (2016)
Released: 26 Nov 2016
Runtime: 89 Mins
Genre: Drama Languages: Italian Spanish
Directed By: Adriano Giotti
Actors: Nataly Beck’S Francesco Maccarinelli Vito Napolitano Francesca Renzi Federico Rosati
Internal:  Italian   /English srt

Alternate Titles: sex cowboys – una coppia on demand

Size:2308.11 mb

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