When I started to sneakily film her on beach, she was doing a little dance with her arms and shoulders. I think she liked the music. I spent half of my beach day spying on this adorable topless beauty. Her body is so perfect that I’d lick her up and her small breasts are like two yummy peaches.

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If someone would ask me what I would remember from this beach day, it would be a celtic cross tattoo on hot girl’s leg and a whole lot of topless tits. Some bigger, some smaller, but all with the same quality, that I would use them all for target practice of my cumshots.

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First pair of well tanned natural breasts was a pleasure to look at. Nicely big and oiled, but the girl was leaving the beach and she got dressed fast. That is when I switched over to short haired beauty with small but incredibly firm tits and small nipples. She was pretty unique to peep on.

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First I spotted this topless girl and after better inspection, I saw she got a tattoo that ends up in her bikini. I drooled a bit more about her and then another sexy moment popped up. Some dude was rubbing sun lotion on a gorgeous tanned girl that happened to be in topless as well. I want to fuck her, badly.

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