Xconfessions 31

XConfessions vol.31 is here! You’ll find our latest XConfessions original releases based on the public anonymous sexual fantasies. This volume features a vast collection of movies based on your desires. We gathered our best threesomes, fetish, and romantic movies in this compilation. You’ll find something for every taste here!
Discover what forniphilia—the desire to be objectified as a piece of furniture—is all about in Forniphile. Laugh with Hold the Tip—a comedy where a delivery driver is taught a lesson that ends up in a threesome. Or watch Hot Pot and follow the story of a couple that goes on a hot pot date to break out of their routine. Their date ends up in an unexpected and hot way. Discover in Hannah a story of self-exploration where she uncovers her hidden fantasies and desires, left with no choice but to embrace them. And XConfessions Vol.31 ends with a bang—Hamacasutra, a movie exploring the art of having sex on a hammock set in beautiful Venezuela.

Duration: 2:21:41
Resolution: 1920×1080
Format: mp4
Size: 3.3 GB

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